Liza Raino-Ogden


I grew up in Lincoln Park in Chicago, and though I've lived in two other states and two other countries, Chicago is home.  I'm very proud of my city. I went to Ohio for college where I majored in Creative Writing and minored in Art at Denison University.  While there, I co-founded and captained the Denison Quidditch League--one of my proudest accomplishments to date. 


I spent the spring of my junior year in Bath, England, where I studied Jane Austen, Phillip Pullman, J.R.R Tolkien, C.S. Lewis, Shakespeare, and children's literature.  I fell in love with the British countryside, and found a home amongst all the literary history. 


After my graduation from Denison, I spent six months in MaeMoh, Thailand, a tiny town about an hour outside of Chiang Mai, close to Lampang.  I taught 1st, 3rd, 5th, 7th, and 9th grade English to more students than I could count.  I have never felt so welcome and loved, especially when I was "Miss MaeMoh" in the Loy Kratong parade.  I found a home surrounded by the rolling camel hills, surrounded by the nicest people I've ever met, all while eating the most delicious food on the planet. 

Once I returned, I began working at a company where I taught reading and comprehension, where I found happiness for three years.  I spent time as a tutor, as an Office Manager, and as a Consultant.  I learned more in those three years than I ever could have imagined.  It was those three years that pushed me to the Harvard Graduate School of Education, where I learned all I could about dyslexia, comprehension, and reading development, so that I could open up The ReadEasy someday soon. 

I have now been in the Chicagoland area for two years, working with families who have not found success within the school system.  I have students all over the city, and I love watching them grow.  If you or anyone you know would benefit from reading instruction or intensive tutoring of any kind, click the above link for more information. 

In that time, I have also started running The ReadEasy out of Harmony Community Church, helping the community of North Lawndale.  I have learned so much more about the importance of quality instruction as well as the obstacles facing those children who often need it most.  I have spent countless hours worrying over finding transportation for far away students, ensuring that everyone had a full stomach, and creating a fun and safe environment to help foster relationships with students who may not always be apt to trust.  Even with all these considerations, I have never loved anything more than watching all my students laugh with their favorite tutor and look forward to many more summers of reading.

Fun facts about me:

- An elephant once picked me up with its trunk and lifted me into the air. 

- I have eaten a cricket and a cicada.

- I do not like foam. 

- I love to read.

Feel free to contact me with questions!