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Private Tutoring

Unfortunately, I am not currently accepting private tutoring clients, but stayed tuned for updates!

Homework Help and Study Skills

Is your student struggling with completing all homework before midnight?  Do essays take about ten hours more than they should?  Is someone in tears?  I have worked with children and older students who have benefitted greatly from help with everything from essay writing to gaining a little organization and direction.  I have worked with students who simply won't sit still, making the completion of the homework a nightmare.  I am able to help with any homework, from english, to essays, to 1st through 10th grade math, to outlining science labs or studying for a history exam. 


Helping with study skills is many things: it's a way to help your student be more organized, not only with their materials, but with their time as well.  It's a way to help them know how to attack the study process when preparing for a daily quiz, a unit test, or a final exam.  These things can often be daunting, and some students need more explicit instruction on this than is provided in schools. 


Rate: 60-70$ an hour for one student at a time (depending on distance), 10$ an hour more for each additional student   

Intensive Reading Sessions

I honestly love everything that I do, but some of my favorite activities involve sitting with a student who is struggling to read or comprehend.  I love finding new ways to make reading fun, and not overwhelming or intimidating.  I have worked with students diagnosed with dyslexia and helped their brains find new ways to attack and decode words.  I have worked with students who do not "make a movie in their head when then read" and helped their brains to learn to do this automatically.  I have helped students with math concepts and memorization (who would have though math and reading were connected?).  This is a type of tutoring that is best done as close to "on a daily basis" as possible, as the overall goal is to actually change the way the brain is reading and make it easier.  I would love to simply talk about what your student is struggling with if you think this is something that would be beneficial--there is no fee for a phone call or email! However, this is the one service I offer that is restricted to one student at a time, as it is extremely individualized. 

Rate: 60-80$ an hour, depending on distance and schedule decided upon

Test Prep

Test prep is probably no one's favorite thing, let's be honest.  Who actually wants to sit for a test that will effectively determine a large piece of their future?  Who actually believes that it is an accurate measure of a person?  While I always place more stock in a student as a whole, the fact remains that these tests are important.  I have been trained to teach the english, reading, and science sections of the ACT, SAT, and PSAT and all parts of the HSPT, COOP, and TOEFL.  I can also help students decide whether the ACT or SAT with better suit their strengths, as there is a difference.  For this service, it is best if your student comes with a test prep book of their choosing. Fun will be had, I promise. 

Rate: 60 - 70$ an hour, depending on distance; 10$ more per hour for each additional student

Essay Writing

Writing can be a difficult task, as it combines so many of the skills that students are taught in school.  From more narrow skills like grammar and spelling, to larger skills like vocabulary and word choice, to even broader skills like organization, syntax, and flow. Essay writing is almost alway done using academic language, which can feel like an entirely different language to students if they are not familiar with it. Therefore, this is different than homework help (as I also help with essays in those types of sessions).  When working solely on essay writing, we don't necessarily work on an essay that school has assigned (though it can be worked in).  This is for students who are struggling to organize their ideas or are consistently receiving poor feedback on essays. We work on essay organization, outlining, academic language, higher level punctuation (have you met my dear friend the semicolon?), and using textual evidence, among other things.  It is one of my favorite types of instruction, as I am able to help students find their voice. 

Rate: 60 - 70$ an hour, depending on distance; 10$ more per hour for each additional student

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